You Can't Go Wrong With Navy

You guys! Happy Tuesday!

I'm sitting here eating leftover soup for lunch, sipping on a soda that my BFF Ashley just dropped by, and stalking customer pictures on Instagram.

Hey girls, hey!

...I love seeing pictures of all you fabulous ladies rockin' your tees!

...and I'm excited to start seeing my friends rockin' the new items that we're adding to the shop.

There are few things more exciting and addicting than purchasing bulk tunics for your friends.

Today's fav is our new Knotted Navy Tunic. 

It's insanely soft and drapes perfectly. The knotted detail is super flattering and I love that this tunic is plenty long to cover your bum and rock with leggings.

You can check it out over in the shop! KNOTTED NAVY TUNIC.

What's your favorite item in the shop right now?

Behind The Scenes At MaLyn Logic

Hey you guys! Happy Tuesday! 

I really enjoying sharing the behind the scenes aspects of my business...because there is so much more that goes into it than just fun Instagram posts and pretty photo shoots.

I want to show women that it's possible to run a business while running a household. I want to show that things don't always go according to plan. I want to show the struggles of finding balance, I want to share the sweet moments of success following hard work, and I even want to share the moments of defeat. 

MaLyn Logic isn't about living a perfect magazine worthy lifestyle. It's about being real, being authentic, being truthful, ...and inspiring other women to follow their dreams.

The past few days have been completely chaotic. 

After my sales, business exploded...but with a growing business comes added responsibilities, more work, and bigger stresses.

Tracking inventory, customer service, ordering supplies, shipping, delayed packages, folding, website maintenance, photo editing, etc...the list goes on and on. 

The past few evenings Mike has taken the kids out for walks while I stay home and stir dinner while answering emails and making phone calls.

Someday's are hectic.

...but I love that Mike has always been so supportive of me. I remember talking with him about my dreams of opening a shop before we even got married...and now for that to be coming to life...with Mike and I working together as a team.'s beautiful and so fulfilling.

We tease a lot that Mike is my employee and I joke about firing him...but the truth is...he'll only ever be promoted.  MaLyn Logic is equal parts Mike and I working together and he's my favorite employee. ;)

Last night after all the kids were tucked into bed, I unloaded a box of shirts and checked sizing while Mike and I talked about our day.

...and for a few minutes I felt accomplished and relaxed.

Mom life, wife life, business life.

It's an excitingly hectic adventure...and I love it.

Thanks for following along and for always being so supportive. I love you ladies! Also...I'm a little obsessed with dear friend Brittany in her new Less Judgin' Tee.

You can follow her HERE...and check out the shop HERE.

...because MaLyn Logic Customers are stunning!

You guys! Good Morning! Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with the people you love most. 

We celebrated with friends and enjoyed a day at the movies and then we basically ate until we died.

It was fantastic.

...but also last week we ran a few deals on and it was a blast! I can't wait to run my next deal! I'll keep you all posted.

...but in the meantime...enjoy these pictures that our sweet friends and MaLyn Logic customers posted last week:

We would love to share your pictures! Use the hashtag #WearMaLynLogic or email your pictures to

...and you can shop all these looks over at

Less Judgin' More Lovin' Tees are Live on Jane!

You guys! Good Morning! Happy Wednesday!

I'm so insanely excited about our second deal going live today!

You can check it out here:

Our Less Judgin' Tee is a customer favorite and I can't wait wait to see all of you ladies rockin' it!

...and I love to feature my friends and customers here on the blog! Use the hashtag #WearMaLynLogic so I can find your pictures to share!

Have a fabulous day!

Rows of Tees & Major Sales!

You guys! Good Morning! Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

I was busy over here packaging orders from our first sale!

You ladies were so awesome and supportive and we sold out of tees within a few hours!

I was TOTALLY not expecting that! I was prepared for it...because I had to be...but in my head I truly had no idea how my tees would do on a new platform. I know how they sell on my site...and I know my customers...but I had no clue where I would fit in on Jane. It was so fun to see everyone excited about the deal! I was incredibly flattered!

Thank you for your orders and for sharing the deal with your friends! 

We're restocking our website with Professional stay-at-home mom tees now for anyone who missed out this weekend. 

...and on Wednesday we'll run our Less Judgin' More Lovin' tees over on, so get ready!

...and I know, I friends are so stunning it's not fair right? 
Seri & Lauren, I love you ladies! Thanks for being such fabulous models!